WordPress Management Services

Keep your site up to date and secure.

Did you know that 56% of WordPress hacks are attributed to out of date or abandoned plugins?¹  If you aren’t keeping your WordPress version and plugins up to date then you may be leaving yourself open to attack. If you worry that updates will break your site, or simply don’t have the time to test and install the updates, then our WordPress management services may be for you.  

Caribou Complete WordPress Management Service

Our complete WordPress management service will ensure your site runs smoothly and stays up to date. Giving you peace of mind that your website is secure. Service includes:


Initial security review


Daily database and weekly file backups


Firewall installation


WordPress updating and testing


Uptime monitoring


Plugin updating and testing


Blacklist monitoring


Hack clean-up

(If the unfortunate should happen)

Initial Security Review

When you sign up for the service, we will assess your current install and hosting and let you know what work we intend to carry out on the site.  

Uptime Monitoring

Your site will be monitored for any downtime. If the issue is related to site code then we can get that fixed, or we can bring up any hosting issues with your hosting provider should it be needed.  


Every site needs backups! Ideally, they should be stored away from your hosting account should any issues happen with your hosting. We set up automated daily database and weekly file backups to your own Amazon S3 account so that the site can be recovered quickly with minimal content loss in the event of a hosting disaster. (If you would like to change the frequency of backups it’s no problem, the only cost involved is the S3 storage costs which are extremely low).  

Hack Cleanup

Should the unthinkable ever happen, we have you covered. If your site is ever compromised, cleaning it up and preventing any recurring issues will be our top priority with a full report of any findings.

Firewall Installation

We will install and configure a firewall on your site to protect against common site attacks. Notifications will be sent to a Caribou developer so that they can take appropriate action.  

Blacklist Monitoring

We actively monitor your domain and server IP address on RBL lists (Realtime Blackhole Lists) to make sure your domain is not flagged for sending out spam. We also monitor Google’s Safe Browsing API in case the site is ever flagged as containing or linking to malware.  

WordPress Updates

Have you ever updated a plugin only to find it broke your site? We can update your WordPress and plugin versions for you making sure everything is working along the way. If anything breaks, we can either roll back the version or fix the issue and report it to the plugin developers.  


Your site needs to be clean when signing up. If your website has been hacked and you need someone to clean it up for you then check out our WordPress cleaning service here.  

Get all of the above and keep your site secure for only £50.00 / month with our complete WordPress management service.
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