About Us

Hi! We’re Caribou and we are:


Digital Marketing Specialists

From SEO, content marketing and PPC to re-marketing, social media and affiliates we will recommend the optimum mix of digital disciplines to best achieve your business objectives.

Telemarketing Experts

With over 20 years of experience behind us we are expertly placed to deliver effective telemarketing solutions that support your sales team and help you reach your growth targets. 

Web Developers

We love working with open source software especially WordPress. We don’t use custom platforms that lock in our clients, instead we rely on our expertise and great service to keep you coming back!

Growth Drivers

We help our clients grow; some from an annual turnover of 25K to 125K within a year. We will get to know you and your business and provide you with hard working, cost effective marketing solutions that deliver tangible results.

Our Story

Caribou is a family run business that was established in 2015 to provide honest, hard working and cost effective marketing solutions to the growing number of businesses in the East Midlands area. Since then we have grown quickly and organically thanks to the recommendations of our customers. We are now proud to serve a wide variety of international clients throughout the UK, Europe and South East Asia. We specialise in forward thinking digital marketing and website development as well as unscripted telemarketing, and also provide a range of design and print services.

We are a location independent marketing agency. This means we don’t have an office, nor the overheads to go with it. Instead we are more than happy to come to you or organise a meeting at a location of your choice. Of course we are always available for meetings digitally via Skype, Zoom or What’s App. Our incredibly talented team are based around the world – in the UK, Canada and partly in Spain and Vietnam so we can serve clients in several time zones with no delays in communication.

We’re also not a call center. Instead we recognise the need for quality telemarketing services that enrich your data and drive your sales. Caribou partner and Telemarketing Manager Lynne has over 15 years experience and is a true expert in the art of conversation. 

  • Telemarketing 33.3% 33.3%
  • Digital Marketing & Web Dev 33.3% 33.3%
  • Design & Print 33.3% 33.3%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%

We’re more than happy to work with any size business but we particularly like to help small to medium sized companies fulfil their growth potential. We also love working with new businesses; taking a great idea and developing it into a profit making enterprise is something we excel at.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch to find out how we can help you and your business; whether it’s an established company or still a pipe-dream, we’d love to hear from you.