Website Development Projects – Caribou Terms & Conditions


Caribou provide free hosting from the start of your project up until the 01/12 of the same year. Hosting is then charged at £75.00 per year for a single website.

You may use your own hosting provider if preferred. If this is the care Caribou will build your website on our hosting then transfer the completed site over to your hosting upon receipt of final payment. Transferring the website to your own hosting will incur a one off fee of £75.00

Website Payment

A deposit of 30% of the quoted website development costs will be required to be paid before the commencement of work can begin.

The remaining balance can be paid in instalments or a final balance payment depending on your agreement with Caribou that will have been outlined before the projects begins.

Outstanding balances of over 60 days on any website development project will result in the temporary deactivation of your website until the final balance is paid.