Get the most out of Facebook’s advertising platform with their latest ad format named Canvas.  Providing a full screen interactive ad experience, Facebook Canvas allows you to expand your in-feed story with an instant loading full screen experience.

Canvas enables you to shorten the distance between your message and the customer. It loads instantly, is mobile-optimised and is designed to capture the complete attention of your audience. With Facebook Canvas, people can watch engaging videos and photos, swipe through carousels, tilt to pan and engage all in a single advert. They won’t just view your story, they’ll become a part of it.

At Caribou, our digital team took the Facebook Blueprint course for Canvas as soon as it was available so we’re completely clued up on how to get the most out of this new format which has seen conversion rates rocket when used in the right way.

Facebook Canvas Ad Management

Key Features of Canvas

  • Optimised for mobile, Canvas offers a way to tell compelling brand and product stories on mobile – the device where people are increasingly spending most of their time online.
  • Create an immersive landing page experience without leaving Facebook including call to actions and product carousels.
  • Canvases open from Facebook ads in News Feed to reveal a full-screen experience where advertisers can use a mix of video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to build beautiful and effective brand and product experiences on mobile.

Canvas Packages

If you want to make use of this great new advertising tool but don’t have a clue where to start then take a look at some of our canvas packages below. We will work with you to design and create optimised graphics for your Canvas before putting the Canvas together in Facebook Ads Manager. Once we have created your Canvas it will be available in your Ads Manager account to add to any advert you create in the future.

Simple Facebook Canvas 

  • Branded header
  • 1 carousel
  • Branded call to action
  • 1 main feature image
  • Video addition
  • Pan and tilt image


Bespoke Facebook Canvas 

  • Up to 10 ‘elements’ on a bespoke Canvas template
  • Up to 3 carousels
  • Branded header & call to actions
  • Up to 3 main feature images
  • Pan and tilt image
  • Video addition


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